Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One of a Kind - Spa Trip Part 3

Lori, Shannon and Kristina

We have now reached Saturday, our final full day of the Scrapbooking Spa Getaway.   We have a full day ahead us of trying to get all of our layouts finished before packing up.  Someone asked if we were given a full list of everything we needed to bring to complete our pages.  I guess I should have mentioned something VERY important in the beginning.   Kristine informed us before we came out to Utah that we did not have to bring a single thing for scrapbooking.   No scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive - NOTHING!   They provided everything we needed.  Wow Imagine that! - going to a weekend crop and you don't have to pack a rolling tote, a shoulder tote and a carrying tote!  (Yes I pack all of that!).  Everything was provided.
Our Supplies - the bag on the right was our keep.  LOTS of STUFF!
 Now for some more layouts......

This layout, titled Harmony, is one of my favorites.   It demonstrates what you can do using only cardstock.   The cardstock colors used are Bamboo, Chocolate, Sunset and Buttercup.  This layout design also happens to be one of my favorites. It is "Hocus Pocus" from Jeanette Lynton's How To Book - Magic.  We used 2 techniques - Dry Embossing and Leathering Technique.   The dry embossing can be seen on the Sunset cardstock.   After using the embossing stylus, we sanded the cardstock so that a white line can be seen on the edges.  The Leathering technique is used on the Bamboo base pages.   Just take an ink pad and lay it face down on your cardstock and move it around the paper until it is covered with the ink.  Pretty cool!       Oh! and see that peacock stamped on the right page?  That is from the Circle of Love (D1438) stamp that I mentioned yesterday is currently our best selling stamp.   To embellish the pages we used Foundry Flourishes (Z1331), Mocha Opaque Gems (Z1333) and Mini Medley Sunset Collection (Z1338).   The flower and the butterfly are from our Irresistables Miracle chipboard die-cuts (Z1354).  

How about a Winter Layout?  

This layout uses the Resist technique.   We stamped snowflakes from the Ice Crystals Stamp set (C1428) with versa mark ink.  Then we used Clear Detail Embossing power and the Craft Heater to set.
Once cooled, we used a sponge and rubbed ink around the snowflake.  The ink sets to the paper and leaves the snowflake shiny white.   The stars are from the Dimensional Element - Stars (Z1312).   I applied some Sparkles from the Blue & Green (Z1327) collection and a few Opaque Pearls (Z1336) for glimmer & sparkle.  For the title, we used the Irresistible Dots for "WINTER" and inked them with Pacifica ink.   "FUN" is from the Posterboard Alphabet stamp set (E1014).  

Here is another favorite layout.... I LOVE these colors together.   This layout is an interactive layout from Magic - One-Way Mirror.  
The colors are so bright and cheery.  If you pull the scalloped piece at the top left page the photo will move and reveal hidden journaling. See next picture.

When I slide this into my page protector, I will make adjustments to my page protector so that the photo will come up and the page is protected.   These instructions can be found in the Magic book.

CELEBRATE!   That is what I did when I finished this next layout.
We used the Party Pennants (C1429) for the flags.   I cut out each flag and strung them along a piece of Colonial White Waxy flax.  A tedious job but it looks great!  The accents are from Mini Medley Accent Collections - Lagoon and Sunset.   I also used the flowers from Foundry Flourishes.

We did not scrapbook ALL day.... we each took a break and got a foot massage and pedicure by Happy Feet.     Here are a few more photos from our Retreat:
Monica - Our Hostess

Kristine - Our Hostess

Here I am hard at work!

Check back tomorrow and I'll wrap up the trip with some final thoughts and one very special layout.


  1. I LOVE your "Celebrate" layout the best; but they're all wonderful! I need to try the resist technique. Have not done that on any of my layouts!

    I can't wait to read "The Final Chapter."

  2. Love seeing the peacock in something other than blues and greens. And I am not surprised that is the best selling stamp out of the new Idea Book - it is such a great stamp set!


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