Thursday, February 21, 2013


My very good friend and long time customer Mandy LaCroix was published in this month's issue of Paper Craft's Magazine!   I was so excited for her.  When I became a Close To My Heart Consultant back in 2006 Mandy was one of my first customers.  

I came to know Mandy at work because we worked together in the same group.  Mandy was and still is big scrapbooker but a few years ago I encouraged her to start making cards.  Each morning when we would get to work we'd discuss what challenges were posted that day.  The morning usually started with "OH - did you see....... or Have your checked........"  I encouraged Mandy to start a blog to show off her work.  So she started Scrappity-Doo-Da (what a cute name!) She has won many challenges.  BTW..... We share a list of blogs we check each day.  Sometimes we'll discover a new challenge and we'll add it to our check list.

Mandy and I no longer work together, but we talk weekly - sometimes SEVERAL times a week.  And we are always sending each other picture texts of what we create.  Back in September Mandy called me.  She was so excited I could hardly understand her at first.  I said answered my phone and this is what I heard - "IHADTWOCARDSPICKEDUPBYPAPERCRAFS!"  Yes - one big long run on sentence!  She had TWO cards that got picked up by Paper Crafts!   How AWESOME is that?  Of course, we had to keep it on the down low until the issue came out.  I just couldn't wait to share!   If you have the 2013 March/April Paper Crafts, look for her cards - Page 31 - Just Ducky Card and Page 48 Giraffe For Baby Card.

Here is just a PORTION of Mandy's card!  You will need to visit her blog to see the entire card and find out what stamps she used.

I look forward to each of Mandy's posts. Her posts reflect her personality and I love reading them.  Mandy is a busy mom of two and cherishes her time in her scrap room.  Her attention to little details always inspires me.   It's so great to have a wonderful friend that TOTALLY understands and shares my love of all things paper!   While our kids and husbands don't understand our excitement when something comes together creatively or we squeal with excitement over an awesome new product, Mandy and I know we can get the crafty satisfaction we are looking for from each other!


Now hop over to her blog and share the love!.......  Scrappity-Doo-Da

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