Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Reunion in Virginia

Wall Art - Created by Jaime Llewellyn
I just returned from my annual Spa Girls Reunion in Virginia.  This was our 3rd year to get together for a weekend of collaboration, creating and just pure fun and relaxation.   Close To My Heart brought us together 6 years ago and we have been getting together every year since that 1st wonderful weekend at the Spa Retreat we each won.  At first, our reunions were at a lunch during the Annual CTMH convention. We quickly realized that a lunch date at convention was definitely not enough time to catch up with everyone.  So, three years ago we planned our 1st weekend reunion at Jaime Llewellyn's house in Virginia.  Jaime has been the gracious hostess every year since.  When you have the perfect scrapbook work area - how can you NOT be the hostess!

You can see we were quite spread out with our supplies!  We created the night away going to bed each night at 1:30 am.  It seemed like we always got a 2nd wind around 10 pm and no one was ready to stop.  So we just kept going until our eyes started to glaze over.   We did sleep in each morning but we started the day with a brisk 3 mile walk on this Virginia road.... with some side steps into a couple of small subdivisions to get us off  this busier road.  It may LOOK deserted but cars FLY down this road.

The walk would get our creative juices flowing and we would discuss business and teams and dreams.  After the walk, a quick breakfast and shower we were back at it stopping only for a quick lunch and once more for dinner.

Traditions get started and some things never change.... like our trip to to Jimer's the famous frozen custard stand in Amelia........  a MUST HAVE.

and our traditional group photo in our CTMH Spa Girls shirts......

Shannon was unable to come this year so we skyped with her and set the phone in her spot for our annual photo.

It was a great weekend,  I will always cherish this friendship that only Close To My Heart could have made happen.  If not for those 8 names randomly drawn in 2010 we would never have met and formed the close to bond that we all share today.

I can't wait to meet up again in June for our annual CTMH Convention.
So until then..... 
These SPA GIRLS say Keep On Creating!!

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