Friday, November 11, 2016

City Sidewalks Candy Dish Decoration

I usually place small bowls of Christmas Candy on the tables at my Christmas Card workshop to get everyone in the spirit and also to provide a little extra energy to crank out those cards!  This year I decided to use my City Sidewalks Digital cartridge to create my center pieces of candy!

I purchased red plastic rectangle boxes at the Dollar Tree and then set to work to create a little table village. 

I glued two 2" x 12" pieces of Glacier cardstock together and adhered my houses, trees and car to it.  This made for easy transport because I could fold them flat and then when I set up the tables I just opened them up and slipped them around the dish.

Here is a side view so you can see how the band wraps around the dish.

Near the end of the workshop, I drew 8 names and people got to take them home.  They can use them like I did - as a decoration or they can use it on their scrapbook page!   

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