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Looking for StampinHeaven Artwork and Workshops?

  Life gets busy!!  I seem to be going in many different directions so I decided to consolidate some of the things that I have been doing!   I'm still a very active Close to My Heart Maker!  I mainly post my artwork to my StampinHeaven Facebook Page and also to my StampinHeaven Group Page !  The Group page is for my customers (not other CTMH Makers) and more interactive!  If you would like to join my group page, make sure you answer the questions when asking to join the group!  If you don't answer, I don't 'open the door'!  :) I also have an Instagram account!  Look for me @gmbscrapper There have been some changes to the Stamp of the Month artwork blog hop that I participated in.  Now we have a special group in Facebook that features the art for each Stamp of the Month and also some of the other active hops we did such as New Catalog artwork and other Specials. Each Stamp of the Month or special is featured in it's own Album.  I invite you to join that group!  M