Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wonderful World of Flip Flaps!

Have you ever had a ton of pictures you wanted to scrapbook but didn't want to create pages and pages of the same event and fill up an album?   Or maybe you are looking for the certain layout sketch that contains 10-12 photos... Those 10-12 photos are all the same event and you want to keep them all together on a layout.  I'm so excited about Close To My Heart's newest product coming out in September.  They are called Flip-Flaps!  Not only do these flip flaps enable you to add EVEN MORE photos to a layout, they add a whole new dimension.   WOW!

Here is the layout that we did in our Create and Take at convention. (These pictures are from a vacation we took in 2000! I have been waiting for just the right paper!) The paper is from the new Magnifique that will be available in the Autumn/Winter 2010 Close To My Heart Idea Book. (Colors used: Pacifica, Lagoon, Pear & Chocolate)

This is the LEFT layout.  I used a 8x12 Flip Flap on the left side of the layout and a 4x12 on the right.

You open the Flip Flaps to reveal this page!

Next, take a look at the right side layout.  THIS is where I was able to add MANY pictures.   I have a total of 20 Pictures in this ONE Page.   Where?  How did I do it?

I added 2 6x12 Flip Flaps!  One at the top and one at the bottom!

And now I have THIS! 

This layout is from Jeanette Lynton's newest HOW TO book coming in September titled Magic.   It has 35 unique layout designs that teach you step by step how to make inter-active scrapbook pages.  I'll be posting more about Magic in the coming month so stay tuned!

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  1. Love them!! The pics look great!! I finally figured mine out and got them done! Thanks for your help!!! :-)


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