I'm Going to Hawaii!!

I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but I thought this was something that probably would never happen. One time, when we discussed going on vacation we started to look into it but the flights alone told us "Now is not the time".  So I just thought it would never happen.  

Every year Close To My Heart has a fabulous trip or cruise to somewhere that consultants can earn. They always announce the next trip at convention.  I used to come home from convention and tell my husband where the next trip was going to be.   After about the 4th year when I told where the trip was, he said "Why do you tell me this? We never go".  So, after that I never told him.  I also never told him how close I was every year to earning the trip - Usually somewhere between two and three thousand dollars.

So, here I was again.... within range but I still felt like it was too far out of reach for me to earn this year's trip to Hawaii.  Close To My Heart had even given us an extra month to earn it because of the delay in release of the Artfully Sent Cricut Collection.   Friday, October 31st was the final day to earn all the points needed.  On the Monday before the 31st, my upline Tina Sutton contacted me and asked "Do you realize how close you are?".   Yes, I knew I was close but I wasn't going to make it.  All my sales had been submitted for October.    Then on Wednesday, Close To My Heart contacted me.  "Do you know you are close to earning this trip?".   Oh wow.... why did everyone think this was possible?   Now I'm thinking... maybe it is!  I contacted Tina Sutton asked, "If you think it is possible to obtain this goal in 3 days - tell me how!".    The next 3 days became a blur of emails, orders, emails and more orders!  With the help of some absolutely wonderful sister consultants, friends and customers I am actually going to get my dream vacation to Hawaii!!  Something that I thought would never happen!

I've said it before and I'll say it again..... this is the most amazing company I've ever worked for!  The sense of family among the consultants just blows me away.   Some consultants that I only know through the Scattered Hearts team placed orders on my website because they wanted to see me go!  I was just amazed and so humbled by the generosity of so many sister consultants.   I just hope that someday I will have a chance to help them like they helped me.

I sent out a plea for help in reaching my goal in a short time to my customers and even some co-workers where I work.  So many people stepped forward to help me out.  It is unbelievable how people reached out to help me.  

In my Christmas Card workshop last Saturday, someone asked me - "Well did you earn the trip?". When I said "YES!"  They all started cheering!  It felt so good to have everyone be so happy for me but I told them that THEY were the ones that should be getting the applause because THEY are the biggest reason for getting me there!  So I gave THEM all a big hand!

I love my customers - they are like family!  I love my sister consultants, I LOVE Close To My Heart!

I'll be sending you greetings from Hawaii in February 2015!


  1. Congratulations! Gina, you're an inspiration to me - I've been wanting to earn a trip for along time as well, and to see your struggle and see you make it, well, I have hope for me too. :)

  2. Congratulations, Gina! Have a wonderful time in February :o)


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