Fun Christmas Gifts to Celebrate the Season!

Sometimes it is hard to find inexpensive Christmas gifts to give during the season when you are giving gifts to a group - friends, co-workers, your children's friends, etc.   When my girls were growing up they always wanted to get their little group of friends a Christmas gifts.  When you have about 8-10 friends that can add up in a hurry!  And finding something inexpensive that isn't another Christmas notepad & Pen is hard!

Well I'm here to share a fun solution to that problem!  Close to My Heart carries a very cute line of Holiday Base & Bling!   I created these fun holiday necklaces in just minutes!  Although we do sell chains, I used Fern and Poppy Thick Twine for a more festive look - and it keeps the cost down on the necklace.  The Holiday Style sheet includes 32 stickers.  The pendents, glass covers and charms are sold in packages of 3 each!  The twine comes in 10 yards.  You can purchase everything you need to create 12 necklaces including the liquid glass for just under $5 a piece!  

Here is what you need to create these fun gifts:
Circle Pendents (come in either Faux Silver or Faux Gold) - 3 per pkg $5.95
Circle Glass Covers - 3 per pkg - $1.95
Also available in Square!
Holiday Style Sheet - $5.95 (has 32 different stickers!)
Charms - 3 per pkg - $2.95
Thick Twine (either Fern Z3093 or Poppy Z3094) $3.95
Liquid Glass - $6.95

Holiday Style Sheet - Z3175
These stickers are specially coated to preserve the color when used with liquid glass.
Snowflake Charm Z3135 (available in Gold also)
Red Bead Charm - Z3139 (available in Gold Also)
Jingle Bell - Z3136 (Available in Gold Also)

More varieties of charms are available.

Ready to get your craft on?  Order your Holiday Base & Bling today!
See all the Base & Bling HERE


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