Sign Up for Fall Virtual Card Making Classes!

I'm SOOO excited about the next session of Virtual Cardmaking Classes!
What is a Virtual Class? And why would YOU want to take it?
What do you get out of it?
I started doing the Virtual Class for several reasons. Maybe one of these reasons applies you?
  1. The date and time of an actual workshop does not always work with everyone's schedule. Especially in the fall with school activities going on!
  2. I work full time - so can only do classes in the evening. Going to class while your kids are in school is easier or you don't like driving at night.
  3. I live in Murfreesboro, TN - you live several hours (or days) away!
  4. You like to be crafty at 2am.... I don't (I used body just doesn't allow it anymore!)
  5. You've never created cards. If you are only a scrapbooker, creating cards can be intimidating! I KNOW! When I went to create my first card I was STUCK on where to start!!
  6. You are afraid to cut your paper. You might cut something wrong and you only have one chance to get it right! (Believe me - I've had this fear when I know I have ONE CHANCE to get it right!)
  7. You are not afraid of cutting your paper wrong - you just hate taking the time to cut it! Honestly, some people just do not enjoy cutting paper!
This is a 4 month class. The price of the basic kit each month will always be $28. You will have the option to add 1-3 ink pads at $9.50 each (ALWAYS OPTIONAL).
The kits are our awesome Workshop Your Way Cardmaking Kits but what makes these kits different is I will order and PRE-CUT the materials for you! When your kit arrives in the mail from me, you will have everything that comes in the original kit PLUS your leftover scraps (you can create more cards!) and the pieces for each card will be sorted into marked envelopes! Now all you have to do is stamp and assemble! ALSO, when I ship the kits to the members they will get an extra little "happy" (something that you can use on your cards that is not included in the actual kit!)
What do these kits include: (See photo below for a recent kit that was shipped)
1. 12 Cards & Envelopes
2. SORTED Pre-Cut Papers plus scraps
3. Embellishments
4. Exclusive Stamp set
5. Printed Instruction Guide
6. EXTRA HAPPY from me!
When you join my fall session of classes, you will be sent a link to join a FACEBOOK GROUP CLASSROOM. On or close to the 15th of the month (depends on which day it falls) I will post a Facebook LIVE video in the private classroom group showing how to create each card - walking you through each step start to finish. You can follow along with me LIVE or watch when it is convenient for you! Have a question? Ask away! Share you creations!
ATTENDING CLASS OFFERS A BONUS: In addition to the cards we create in the kit, I share 2 additional cards I created using the same pre-cut pieces in different ways to create a 2nd look! These extra cards aren't shared anywhere else - so attending class is the only way you'll see them! I'll give you stamping tips along the way. 
Even though the actual WYW kits will be increasing in price starting September, I'm going to keep the base price of the kits at $28 for this session. This prices includes the pre-cutting of kit, ALL of your kit materials including the stamp set and guide, and priority mail shipping to you! I am NOT including the cost of shipping the kit to me first. Each additional ink added will be $9.50. All payments for the class are through Paypal. 
Our first Class will be Hugs for You.
Ink colors needed to create these cards are: Charcoal, Saffron & Sugarplum
Sign up BEFORE September 3 and I will mail you a NEW 2018 Holiday Expressions!
Sign up for your first class here!
(*Note - This paypal button may not work on your mobile device -
email me if you can't use the button)

Hugs For You Virtual Class


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