Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mojo Monday #191 - Celebrate!

I've been working on my cards for the June Stamp of the Month blog hop and needed a break so I decided to check out a few challenges.  

I originally wanted to combine a color challenge with the Mojo Monday challenge but the colors just weren't working for me.    Don't get me wrong - the colors on the challenges are great but just not for this particular card I wanted to do.   I know someone with a birthday coming up soon so I wanted this to be a birthday card.  Last night (it was getting late) I chose a color challenge to use - Smoky Plum, Olive and Grey Wool.  Nice colors.   I pulled out the inks and laid the cardstock samples out and left it to start on today.   So, I return to my craft table this evening and I'm working away on the card and I after I had most of the pieces cut and stamped I realize I'm using Smoky Plum, Creme Brulee' and Grey Wool.  WHAT????  How did that Creme Brulee' slip in there?   I tried to go back to the original colors and re-cut pieces to add the Olive and take out the Creme Brulee' but the Grey Wool wasn't working.  OK, so I'm ditching the color challenge and decided to use my own color combination.  I really liked the Creme Brulee' with the Smoky Plum but you know what?  Now the Olive wasn't working.

So after MANY pieces of cut paper and SEVERAL stamped tickets and Journaling pieces later, only the Smoky Plum and Olive survives.   Wow.... what a difficult night this turned out to be. I think I'll close my craft room door for the night.   I've got a HUGE mess to clean up now before I can start anything new.
Here is the Mojo Monday sketch:

Here is my card using the Mojo Monday sketch #191 and my OWN challenging colors!

The stamp set is from our special National Scrapbooking Month kit - You & Me.   It is an awesome stamp set.  I love the tickets and the flourish.   You can ONLY get this kit this month.  Be sure to check out the May National Scrapbooking Month tab at the top or you can go to my website and order it today!

(maybe I'll have better luck with the next challenge I try.  **sigh**)

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  1. Wow. You had a Gina night. :) ... but the end result is superb. I LOVE it!


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