Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why Choose Close To My Heart?

I believe that Close To My Heart has the BEST deal on starter kits for New Consultants.     For a very low price of $99 you get a choice of two starter kits!   Both of these kits are valued at over $280.  You get everything you need to start your business!
To make this deal even sweeter, in OCTOBER when you sign up as a CTMH Consultant, you can choose an ADD-ON Option for FREE!    More on this option in a moment.  


But first, why should YOU become a Consultant with Close To My Heart?   I became a CTMH consultant for TWO reasons.
  1. I wanted a way to pay for my Hobby.  (It not only pays for my hobby, it has helped pay for other things such as Christmas gifts, trips and more)
  2. I thought by being a consultant, I would scrapbook more.   (I love the products so much I can't wait to hit my scraproom every chance I get!)
When I joined, it thought, I'd try it out for a year.  I could always get out if it wasn't for me.  (I had NEVER been a consultant for any type of home based business - so this was scary!)  Today, more than 5 years later, I can list many reasons why I have STAYED a consultant.  I could go on and on but you'll get tired of reading this post before I'm finished.  But one thing that stands out more than any is FRIENDSHIP.  I have made so many new friends and they are all priceless.  I have met so many people that I would have otherwise never crossed paths with if not for Close To My Heart.   Many are customers and many are sister consultants.   I cherish each and every friendship I have made.

So, what about you?  We have many consultants that have joined CTMH for a variety of reasons. Maybe one of these fits you!

Business Builder - You want to have your own business.  You love meeting new people and helping others.  You want to build a team and help others build their business too! You want to do more than just pay for your hobby! You want to add extra income to your household.

Business Hobby - You love the discount and wouldn't mind a little extra cash. You might do an occasional party or workshop.  Maybe you have a group of friends that would support you by forming a monthly club.  With a regular club, it is easy to meet our low quarterly minimums of $300. You can even be your own Hostess and earn free products!

Hobbyist - You don't intend to do parties or workshops.  You just love the products and want it all!  Getting a 22% discount would be a great way to support your addiction!  Stay an active consultant with $300 in sales a quarter or become a Junior Consultant.   If you don't meet your $300 quarterly minimum, just place a $100 a quarter and be a Junior Consultant.  This gives you a 10% discount.  Plus you will still have access to all the wonderful news and ideas through the Close To My Heart Corporate On-Line Business Office.   

There is a niche that fits all types of consultants and Close To My Heart loves all kinds!  Not only do you get awesome kits to get you started, for those that want to have a business, we provide all kinds of training. We even have an on-line Training Academy where you can achieve a Bachelor or Masters degree and even a PH.d for Close To My Heart.   Oh! And there is ME!  I love helping others get started.  I'm here to answer your questions, brain storm ideas and help you each step of your new exciting journey!  

So come on!!!  What are you waiting for?  
Sign HERE up today!  

Wait - what was that other ADD-ON option?  Choose any of these 3!  Can't decide?  Choose one free and purchase the other 2 for just $40.  

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