Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking a Short Break to Wrap up a Season!

I'm sorry my posts have been sporadic as of late.  We have reached the last few weeks of my daughter's High School Softball season.   Our school is hosting the District Tournament.   Hosting a successful tournament requires a lot of work from all the parents so that means I've been spending many nights at the ball field from beginning to end! Since I'm their Booster Club Treasurer I'm usually the first one there with money for concession and gate.  Then, I stay through the end to collect and total up before leaving. I had one free night last week and I had intended to spend some time catching up on some creative things.  But, I was so exhausted I just couldn't get myself into my scraproom!

We had games Friday & Saturday so I knew there were a few things I absolutely HAD to get done today.  Those came first before I would allow myself any 'play' time for challenges that I love to participate in.   But alas, I ran out of time.   The final Championship game is supposed to be Wednesday night.  Hopefully this 70% chance of rain they are calling for tomorrow night doesn't push everything back!   If it does happen to rain us out tomorrow - I'll know where I'll be!  In my scraproom creating!

Since I don't have any artwork to share, I'll share a couple of pictures from my daughter's Junior year of softball.    The team has had a pretty successful season especially for a young team of starters consisting of 4 Freshman, 2 sophomores, 3 Juniors and 2 seniors.  Kayli plays 2nd base and is also one of the 4 pitchers on the team.   I've got a lot of pictures to scrapbook!  But I have found a quick, fast and easy way to get it done!   I'll use Studio J of course! I'll be sure to share on here when I finish!

Kayli - Left handed batter
Kayli - Pitching

The Highlight of our season - Beating the cross town rival on THEIR field!
It had been a long dry  spell
since last win - in 2003!

What are they pointing at?!!!

Cute team Picture!

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