Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Pint of Goodness!

A few weeks ago I shared two pint containers that I decorated.  (See them HERE) Today I'm sharing the third container and providing the cutting measurements so you can create some too!   Also - be sure to check at the bottom of my post for a fun North Pole Mix recipe.  This is a family and friend favorite that is so addicting it really is hard to stop eating it!  It is so easy to make it is embarrassing!  But I'm sharing it here!

Here is my Pint of Goodness that I will be filling with North Pole Mix!

Supplies you will need:
Pint Containers Z3137 
(note- the Pint Containers will be 25% off starting 11/30!)
White Pines Paper Pack X7200B
Cranberry Cardstock 1272
Glacier Cardstock X5770
Colonial White Cardstock 1388
Aqua Shimmer Trim Z3083
Artistry Cricut Cartridge Z3167
Artiste Cricut Cartridge Z3170
Holly Jolly Christmas Stamp D1657
Chocolate Ink - Z2111
Glacier Ink - Z2641
Bonding Memories Glue - 1512

Cut the Chevron B&T Paper 4" x 3 3/4"

Make the following Cricut Cuts
Shape - Card<q>
Glacier - 3 1/4"
Cranberry - 3"
Colonial White - 2 3/4"
Bow- Accent 3 <g>
2" (Cranberry)
Bow Tails - Shift Accent 3<g>
If not using Design Space, you will need to trim the tails 
to the bow down to fit on top of the lid.
Mittens - 2 3/4" 
Cranberry - <winter>
Glacier - Shift <winter>

If you have Design Space you can just copy this link into your address line of Design Space
(NOTE - you do need to own both cartridges to be able to cut)

(Note: I highly recommend using Bonding Memories Glue. 
This holds better to the containers that regular scrapbooking adhesive.)
  1. Stamp "Happy Holidays" with Chocolate Ink onto the Colonial White shape.
  2. Randomly stamp snowflakes in Glacier Ink around the sentiment.
  3. Adhere the Colonial White Shape to the Cranberry shape, and then adhere these to the Glacier Shape.
  4. Adhere the shapes to the center of the B&T paper.
  5. Adhere the 4" x 3 3/4" B&T paper to the pint container making sure top edge is up against the top rim of the container.  Once it is adhered, you will need to trim just a bit from the bottom to even it up with the rim.
  6. Add Aqua Shimmer flush to the edge of the left and right sides of the B&T paper on the container.  When you adhere the shimmer trim, adhere it straight down.  A portion of the bottom shimmer trim will be on top of the B&T paper.  This will even out the paper and make it look square.
  7. Glue the mitten pieces together and add to the left of the Happy Holidays.
  8. Fold the Bow so that the ends of the bow are meeting in the center.  Cover center with about 1 1/2" of Aqua Shimmer trim.
  9. Add Aqua Shimmer trim to the outside rim of the lid.
  10. Add Bow and tails to the top.
Add your favorite treat to share or Gina's Famous North Pole Mix!

Gina's Famous North Pole Mix
1 Box Golden Graham Cereal
1 Box Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
1 bag of Pretzel Twists
10 oz. Pecan Halves
2 bags of Christmas M&Ms
1 1/2 pounds of White Chocolate Bark

This recipe is enough to use up the entire boxes of cereal and pretzels. I mixed this up in 3 separate batches using 6 squares of the White Chocolate Bark at a time.
Using a BIG bowl, pour in a little bit of each of the above until the bowl is full.
Melt 6 squares of the the White Chocolate Bark in a glass bowl in the Microwave at 30 second intervals stirring after each interval. Chocolate usually melts in about 1 min 15 seconds. Pour melted White Chocolate over the cereal mix a little at a time and stir after each addition to coat the mix. Pour out onto wax paper and let cool until White Chocolate is hardened - Only takes a few minutes.

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