Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something Truly Special - Final Thoughts on My Spa Trip

Who knew back in July when I won this fabulous trip it would make a lasting impression on my life.   I did not know then that I would come away from this trip with 10 very special friends who will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am still amazed at the bonding that took place over just a few days.  We laughed, we talked, we discussed our business, we listened to new ideas and of course we ate.- alot! I learned so much about Close To My Heart - the company and the people there.  Kristine explained why and how they come to many of the business decisions they make.  I am SO PROUD to be a part of this great company.  This is a company that truly does care about their consultants.   Kristine and Monica are such warm, fun, SMART and BEAUTIFUL ladies.   It means so much me (and all of us) that they took precious time away from their families to spend it with 9 ladies that did not know.   They took us in and treated us like family.   It really was special.  

I want to share some of my Top Ten Moments/Quotes from our Spa Weekend:
1. Lori really can put her WHOLE fist in her mouth!
2. Don't try to put your album together if you've stayed up past your bedtime.
3. Monica's attempt to be Scarlett O'Hara
4. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie - Eventually that will be the right answer!
5. "She could barely get her toe' in the car.  I don't know why she had it.  She didn't need that big toe' anyway!"
6. "Oh Dear"
7. "As long as they aren't buying cigarettes, they can spend what they want on scrapbooking"
8. Kristine's sternum cuddle
9. "You REALLY wear those?  REALLY?"
10.  "Was you at the pool Lady?"

We laughed til our faces hurt and tears ran down our cheeks.  That is the BEST fun ever when you can laugh like that.  I'll never forget it.   To all my fellow scrappin' spa princesses - I love you!

Now for the SPECIAL Layout.    Before our trip, Kristine sent us a survey and asked us to fill it out.  There were tons of questions - some easy and some that took some thought.   Our surveys were given to their Art Designers.   A different designer for each of us read our surveys and then designed a layout especially for us. This layout means so much to me knowing that someone created it with ME in mind.    Here it is:

 Each button was sewn on by hand.   The butterflies were stitched onto the layout.  They also used the re-inker and brush technique on the edges.   This was a technique that I had requested in answer to the survey question "What technique would you like to learn?"
A close up of the Dimensional Elements "life".   These were covered in paper and then they used the same edging technique as they did on the rest of the layout. 

THANK YOU Close To My Heart for putting this retreat together. It was an experience I'll never forget!


  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL, Gina! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It has been fun reading it and "living it" through you. :) LOVE the special layout. That is so cool!

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  3. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your weekend with us. The layouts that you created look wonderful, and it sounds as though you truly had the weekend of a lifetime.


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