Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking a Break from the Routine

Sorry I have no pictures to post as of yet.   As of today, I'm probably all nestled in at a cozy cabin in the mountains of Utah!   I'm actually typing this late Wednesday night.   There is no internet at the cabin so all my exciting news and pictures will have to wait until I return!  

In case you haven't heard I'm off to my Scrapbooking Retreat that I won!  (and if you didn't hear.... where were you when I was shouting the news all the way from the CTMH convention in Washington D.C.??) I won this back in July and at the time it seemed so far in future.   But as the time has neared I've gotten so excited!  I'll be scrapbooking with 8 other CTMH consultants.  I have not met any of them yet but I'm sure we'll all be great friends by the time we leave.   There is something about CTMH consultants....  I've never met a one that I didn't hit it off with!   Must be the Bonding Memories Glue that 'bonds' us all together.... that and this wonderful company.  

I got an email last week from Kristine Widtfeldt (She's the energetic blond you see alot in the CTMHTV videos).   She said we will be creating 10 layouts PLUS a cover page.  She sent a list detailing picture sizes used, suggested theme of pictures and the colors that will used in the pages.   I was so overwhelmed at trying to figure out WHAT pictures to bring that I pretty much decided I won't take pictures.  I'll wait and add them when I get home.  I just hope I'm not disappointed that I'm waiting.    Also, Kristine said that we'll be doing a "High end" Magic layout!  Sounds like we'll be using lots of embellishments!    And the best thing....... I don't have to pack a paper trimer, adhesive, scissors or ANY OTHER scrapbooking tool!!  They will have everything we need.   That is so AWESOME!

Oh and food!!! It's not a complete retreat if you don't stuff yourself on great food!  Kristine sent a sample of the menu we'll be having.   All I can say is - so much for my diet.  :(   but I'll try to take my mom's advise and only eat 1/2 of everything.  

Be sure to check back on Monday!  I'll be posting pictures and sharing my Utah Scrapbooking experience!

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