Door Prize Riddles!!

Well I got a little behind here on my blog posting the Door Prize Riddles.   I have been posting them to my StampinHeaven FB page though.   Thought I'd catch you up in case you've been watching my blog and not my FB page so you won't have to search!  If you know the answer just leave the Riddle # and the answer in my Comments!   Each correct answer will earn you a Door Prize ticket!

Giveaway #1 - What's CHOCOLATE and hold beautiful memories but you can't eat it!
Giveaway #2 -  What has 54 sides. You can stackem' or you can rackem'!
Giveaway #3 -  It's not sold in our Idea Books and you can only get one from me! You can take it with you to all your crops. It holds bits and pieces. (Hint: I gave away one last year!)
Giveaway #4 -  This prize has the same name as a Comedy TV series that ran from 1992 - 1999 about a young New York couple.  Like the series, it is no longer available!  It's all about LOVE!

Sound like fun?   Come to my Open House and find out more ways to earn tickets to these and more prizes! 

You can even make this card to take with you!


  1. Riddle #1 - album
    Riddle #2 - Collage Cubes
    Riddle #3 - tote bag
    Riddle #4 - Mad about You


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