Home Made Ice Cream Card

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday so I needed to make him a card.  I was working on a really nice card using my new Artfully Sent Cartridge.   As I was telling my husband about the card I was making (he has to humor me sometimes when there are no other crafty people around to listen to my excitement) he said "You should make him a card that is a ice cream bucket".

The reason for this suggestion is backed up by a good story.   For as long as I can remember, my summer time memories were filled with home made ice cream.  My mom and dad have always loved making it and they are very particular about their ice cream makers.   They always had the one with the heavy cedar bucket and the motor that had ALL metal parts  - not cheap plastic parts like so many things are made of today.  Most ice cream buckets today are even plastic! When their ice cream maker quick working (after many many years of use) my sisters and I searched high and low for another one to replace the broken one.  Finally, we were able to find one and we gave it to them for their 40th wedding anniversary.

Now - after 15 years and MANY MANY bowls of ice cream, their maker churned out it's last bucket for the Labor Day Family Reunion.   Recently Jeff came across the VERY SAME ice cream maker!  I sent a picture to my mom and she was ecstatic!  She said my dad had been searching the internet that day for a replacement and wasn't find anything!

So, that is the back story to Jeff's challenge to me. I told him I didn't have a stamp like that.   He said you don't need a stamp - cut it out.   But none of my cricut shapes are that shape I told him.   He said - You are creative - you don't need that.  Just create one!  I couldn't stop thinking about it. I set aside my Artfully Sent card and pulled out some Saddle cardstock, my woodgrain embossing folder and set to work creating an ice cream maker Birthday card.   Here is my final product.

So... what do you think?  It is close?  After running the Saddle Cardstock through the woodgrain embossing folders, I rubbed my Cocoa ink pad over it to bring out the woodgrain.  I used the Big Top stamp set to create my "label".  Black hemp was stapled on to simulate the wires around the bucket.   I dug out some old pewter photo hangers to hold the handle which is made of Slate Striped Twist Ties.   This turned out to be quite fun.   Now I'm off to take him the real maker and my card!

I'll share the Artfully Sent card another time!


  1. It turned out GREAT!!!! I LOVE IT! Kudos on such a creative accomplishment! Did you have a couple of words for Jeff? hee hee!


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