My Dream Vacation!

Aloha!  If you missed seeing my post lately it is because I've been gone!  I had 2 scheduled posts while I was gone but since I've been back, I've been trying to get back in the groove of my regular work routine.  It's been so hard!  I've had alot to catch up on, so getting to post about my trip has been put on the back burner.  But finally - here it is!  

In case you had not heard.... I earned Close To My Heart's Incentive trip to Hawaii!   This has been a dream trip for my husband and I for a long time.  This year our dream came true!   We stayed at the Disney Aulani Resort which was awesome.

The weather was gorgeous all week although at times a little windy.  But I will take 80 degrees and windy any day over 20 degrees or below and windy!!

I've got tons of pictures.  I will need to choose my favorites to add to my pages that I have already completed.   CTMH sent us 10 gorgeous pre-cut layouts that we would create before the trip so that we could easily add our pictures once we got home.  (Choosing my pictures out of the 1,000+ we took will be hard!)  Here are 2... I'll share more when I add pictures!

Close To My Heart spoils the Incentive Trip Earners.   Each night when we got back to our room there was a gift waiting for me.

Our first night in Hawaii, Close To My Heart hosted a Welcome Reception for all the trip earners.  I got to catch up with many of my sister consultant friends that I hadn't seen since last year's convention.
Close To My Heart Trip Earners
First Time Trip Earners!
Here is an abbreviated version of our trip.  Believe me, if it wasn't abbreviated you'd be reading this blog and looking at pictures well into tomorrow!

After a day of relaxing and just hanging out at the beach and pool, Jeff and I went on a Sunset Cruise with Close To My Heart.

We had a dinner of Steak and Crab Legs while enjoying the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

  Then we were entertained by some Hawaiian dancing!

Monday night Jeff and I walked down from our hotel to attend the Paradise Cove Luau.   Again - more great food and the best BBQ (roasted pig) I think I have ever had.  We enjoyed a show of Hawaiian music and dancing.

Here is my favorite sunset picture I took at Paradise Cove.

Tuesday we visited Pearl Harbor to see the Arizona Memorial and the Missouri.


We love history and I was awed by it all.  It will always be something I will remember.  We took a break for lunch a Schooner's which was a short walk from Pearl Harbor. 

We sat up on a nice breezy deck that overlooked the water.

Tuesday evening we met up with my friends Kristina Livingstone, Krista Hershberger and their husbands for dinner at the Monkey Pod.   We had a great time laughing and catching up (and the husband's getting to know each other).

Wednesday was a full day with a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We started off first with a tour guide that took us to each 'island' to learn about their culture.  There were six islands in all and they all had great shows.  By the time we finished the tours, it was time for our dinner at The Prime which was also included in our day's activities.  We finished the night with a show called "Ha Breath of Life".
Photo credit - Polynesian Cultural Center
Photo credit - Polynesian Cultural Center
We got back pretty late and had to be up early to catch a bus tour of the Island at 7:15 am.  This tour took our all around the Island and we made several stops.
Famous Beach from the movie  From Here to Eternity

Big Waves at the North Shore 

Waimea Falls Park
One final stop on this tour was at the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  Of course - it would not be complete without the Dole Whip!   YUM!!!

On our last day in Hawaii, our plane did not depart until 11pm that night so we had all day to relax by the beach and pool.   Aulani had a lounge for guests that had checked out and had red eye flights. This was great because we could shower after a day at the beach before our flight.   While hanging out, we walked down a little way from our resort to a cove where we had been told that 3 giant turtles lived.   You could get in the water and they would swim right around you!  You are not allowed to touch them but if they touch you it is OK.   One pushed himself off on Jeff's legs!

After swimming with the turtles we went back to our beach for one last day of pure Hawaiian pleasure.

Ahhhh.... it's a trip I'll never forget!  I do hope to get back there someday.......



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