Thursday, August 13, 2015

Don't Miss this Opportunity!

A week!!!  It's been an entire week since I've posted anything!  It's not because I haven't been creating.  I have!  I have been creating alot.... but I just can't share anything just yet.  I'm nearly ready for my big BINGO EVENT coming up at the end of August.  I'm just waiting for one more shipment to get here and then I can start putting the goody bags together  I can't wait to share all the projects that we will be doing that night.  I don't want to spoil the surprise for all my attendees so if you are not coming to the event, you will have to wait until August 29th to see what you missed!

For our BINGO NIGHT projects we will be using all new products.   One of the great things about being a consultant (just ONE mind you - there are MANY) is that I can see AND purchase new products for a whole month PRIOR to them being released to customers on September 1.   My Bingo Night attendees will be getting to see everything 4 days early!  This means they can drool and mark up their new Annual Inspirations for 4 days before making their order from the new book.  Markem' up Girls!  Markem' up - because you will want it all!

If you DO happen to want it all.... what's the best way to get it?  With a discount of course!  Close to My Heart has redesigned their New Consultant Kits and I must say... they are BEA-U-TI-FUL!!

Just imagine, when you open this box, you will open a whole new world of opportunities, friends and creativity.  I can not imagine what I'd be doing today without Close To My Heart in my life.  It's been an amazing 9 1/2 years!

 Everything you need to know about starting your very own Close to My Heart business is in this folder.  Also, the Close To My Herat Home Office website has training videos, workshop and gathering suggestions and guides.  Everything you need is at your fingertips!

All the tools you will need to have your very first gathering are included - even the Medium Organizer! 

See the complete list of Kit Contents of HERE!

If you have been a former consultant in the past you can sign up during the month of August and will have the opportunity to pick from either a “business building essentials” version of the New Consultant Kit for $49 USD or a regular New Consultant Kit for $129 USD.

Take that first step today and say YES!
Signing up is easy and you will get your kit in about 7 days!
Join my team of StampinHeaven Angels and Sign up HERE!

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