11 Things on My Birthday

My scrap room has grown cold.  My creative brain has shut down.  This is all just temporary though.   I hate leaving my blog unattended for those that like to check it periodically.  (Hopefully I have a couple of loyal followers.)

On Saturday, I was supposed to get a shipment of brand new Close To My Heart product being released in February. All day long, every time I heard what sounded like a big truck coming down the street, I'd stop and jerk my head to a tilt to listen for the sound of a big heave and then a door bell ring.  But alas, that never happened.  (BTW- back in my younger days when I worked in a mall retail store, I amazed my co-workers because I always heard the delivery truck arrive - they never did).  I live in a quiet neighborhood and for some reason that day, it sounded like at least 10 big trucks were going down the street.  Usually my dog hears a car door shut as far as the neighbors and he's up wagging his tail waiting for someone to come in.  I was jerking my head more than he was up wagging his tail so I probably imagined about 1/2 of those big truck sounds. 

I checked my tracking notice this morning and see that the shipment will finally be here today!   

Soo.... while I am waiting to begin my creative processes again, I came across a blog I follow - The Paper Mama and she gave a list 11 questions meme to answer.   So here are Chelsey's questions and my go at it... lets see what I came up with!
1. Are you a cat or dog person? Or, bird person? 
I'm definitely a dog person.  I've never cared for cats. When I was young I had a piano teacher that had a cat that stared at me the entire time I was at my lesson. CREEPY.... I didn't trust it.  I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that does not know he is a dog - party because we probably made him that way.  See picture to the right - He's 'helping' fix the dishwasher.

2. What was your favorite food as a kid? Is it the same, or has it changed as an adult?
Wow, as a kid - that seems ages ago.  First thing that comes to mind is Homemade Ice Cream. That's a food right?  I have wonderful memories of having the 'honor' of sitting on top of the Ice Cream maker as my granddaddy turned the crank.  (yes - this was BEFORE the electric kind!)  I STILL love homemade ice cream.  Even it is made with the new electric buckets.
3. What is your favorite hobby?
This one is EASY!  Papercrafting!  I started out as a scrapbooker but when I became a Close To My Heart Consultant I discovered many different types of papercrafting.  My favorite right now is making cards!To the left - this is one of my Favorite cards I have made.  It was a Mother's Day card to my mom.

4. If you HAD to move to a different state (or country) where would it be?
If I HAD to move to a different state maybe I'd choose Arizona.  I went there once for vacation and loved it.  But I hope to never have to move that far away (I'm in Tennessee) and that is just too far from my family.  

5. Are you a winter or summer person?
Definately a summer person.  Which is not compatible to my husband.  He would love to move somewhere COLD!  Not me!  If the temp in the house gets below 67 I need a blanket and a sweatshirt!  Not sure what we'll do if we decide to move when we retire.  
6. What makes you happy?
What makes me the most happy is being with my husband and my two daughters and of course my dog.
7. What is the weirdest question you've ever been asked?
This one.... no.... I can't really think of a weird question.  
8. 2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why (question found here)?
Probably a hobbit.  There is something sort of scary to me about Elves and Dwarves  The hobbits in the Lord of the Rings movie seemed to be loyal.  If I go on an adventure I'd want someone loyal to go with me to watch out for me.
9. 3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next (question found here)?
I'm no stranger to taximdermy.  I used to have a menagrie of animals hanging on the walls in my house. Now.... this was at a time when I was still newly married and we had no other means of wall decorations.  As my decorating style changed (THANK GOODNESS!) - the animals were moved out.  Now they reside at my husband's office.  So sitting with a stuffed badger in my lap wouldn't scare me - it would probably just annoy me.
10. What was your first job?
My first job was working in a concession stand at the Paducah International Speedway - a dirt car racing track. WOW now that I think about that, I'm surprised that my parents let me do this!  But they were friends with owners and my other sisters worked there too.  I hated it.   After work, I'd come home exhausted and dream of totaling orders in my head and hiding under the counters so I wouldn't have to wait on the loud screaming people.  To this day I detest auto racing of any kind.
11. What is your favorite utensil?
Go back to # 7.  Now THIS is a weird question. Ok, at first I was thinking - spoon? fork? what???) haha... After further thought, I would have to say - it would have to be my food chopper.  (you know... those you get from Pampered Chef).  Great for chopping nuts, onions, pickles...... I love it!     It the question was regarding a papercrafting tool/utensil then this post would be much longer!

If you have stuck with me though this entire post I commend you!  Thank you!!  I promise soon, I'll have something creative to share.  Tonight I'll be celebrating my Birthday so no creating even though I"ll have an entire box of goodies to drool over!  Soon...... See you soon!


  1. Loved it Gina!! :) Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating tonight!! Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading :) Love the photo of your dog helping out ~ sooooo understand! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. Happy Birthday from 'Down Under'

  3. Absolutely hilarious! What I find really funny though, is that you thought the utensil question was weird, bun not the taxidermist one??

  4. Stopping over from The Paper Mama to check out your 11 Things! So fun...your dog is adorable. I'm a huge dog lover, especially big dogs. I don't think I've ever had homemade ice cream.


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