Catching Up with Studio J

I think we all feel a little behind when it comes to scrapbooking.  I know I do!  I FEEL organized.  I THINK I am.   ha ha I will immediately download pictures that I've taken at special events, weekend trips and more. Then I assign them to certain folders with titles and dates.  I know those pictures are there - on my computer when I'm ready to scrap them.  Nothing wrong with that except I'm accumulating more pictures than I have time to scrap!   I have found that I will scrap the more recent events first and those other photos?? Well they just get pushed lower on the priority list.   I'd have to sit down, sort through them and then select the ones I want to print for my layouts.   If I'm sending them to print I feel like I already need to know the layout I'm using so that I will know if I need a 8x10, 5x7 or a regular 4x6.  Oh it's hard to decide! If the picture is particularly good, I'll order at least a 5x7 and ALSO get the 4x6.  Who knows... I may need both. This gets expensive!   I've got a really good printer that prints great photos but if I print all of my own photos I'm running to the store to buy more ink all the time!

While I love the traditional scrapbooking with paper and embellishments I have a great way to catch up on those others photos that have seem to have taken their place in line that just seems to move backwards.   It is Close To My Heart's new Studio J program!   No, this is not a software you purchase. It is right there ready to use on the web and so easy!  You can get to it by clicking on the Studio J link on my website.  

Two years ago I drove to Seaside Florida for a weekend retreat of scrapbooking and relaxing with other Close To My Heart Consultants.  I got back and downloaded my pictures but something else came up that I wanted to scrapbook and then another event, and another.  What do you know! It's been TWO YEARS and they were still sitting there.  So tonight, I sat down and downloaded the pictures to Studio J (very easy and quick) and within 30 minutes had this layout!  This layout had a 5x7 and all I had to do was drop the picture in and it sized it.  Check out the lovely Tina Sutton sporting her flamingo shades!

On Labor Day we picked up our new puppy so of course I took lots of pictures of that!  Last Saturday I did this page in less than 20 minutes!

I am way behind on my daughter's last year's softball season. I've got to get those finished before the new season begins!   I think I will do all of those on Studio J.  Instead of spending many hours over several days on those pages, I can have them done so much faster! That will leave me time to do the traditional pages that I really love to create.

There is so many AWESOME aspects to Studio J.   The best deal is the membership.  I purchase a one year membership for $99.   This membership offers great benefits.  I pay only $6.50 for my layouts (up to 10 a month) and I get FREE shipping and FREE memory protectors! I also get FREE JPG files so I can take them and get additional layouts printed somewhere else.  ALSO, if I don't want to purchase the layout, I can just purchase the JPG for only $3.00.     Members also get additional layout and paper choices not offered to non-members.   I expect to see some Member only specials in the future too!

Craft Critique did a review on Studio J.  Read here to see what they had to say!

If you haven't tried out Studio J, do it today.  There is No Charge to Play!   I would love to see your comments on what you think about!


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