Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ADK Holiday Craft Bazaar

I have not participated in a craft show or bazaar for nearly two years and when my daughter came home from her ADK Sorority meeting back in October, she handed me a piece of paper and said "Here is something you can do!".   My first response was "There is no way! I'd never be ready in time".   Then I gave it some thought and decided I would do it.  I love the opportunity to meet new people and share my love for Close To My Heart!   So.... I'm going to be at the Doubletree Hotel in Murfreesboro, TN on Saturday, December 11th   If you are out shopping - stop by and see me!     I'm going to have some inexpensive gifts that would be great for co-workers and friends or just a little something to stick in someone's stocking.   Here are just a few items.  (I'll show more later this week)

One of my very favorite stamps this season is the A-size stamp  - "A Sip".   I loved making these little hot cocoa packet covers with this stamp.   Each flavor is represented with a different paper/design.  I'll have a sign posted so you can be sure to choose the flavor you love most!  It's perfect little something to warm the heart of a co-worker or friend!

Check out these altered Ribbon Round tubes!  These were perfect for filling with Kisses and M&M's (two of my favorite Christmas candies!).   I used another A-size stamp on this one - "A Timber".  I have 3 different sizes of candy tubes. 

I used various paper folding techniques to make 'toppers' for my lids.  One technique was shown our Summer/Spring Idea Book (Love those Tips & Hints throughout our books!).  It is shown with the Passages papers.  The other flower came from our Passages Workshop Kit instructions!  Here is a picture that shows the tops a little better:

Check back soon!  I'll share more items plus a couple of cute little albums made from our stamp envelopes!  (Yes - that is correct - the envelope is the album! You've got to see this!)

Location: Doubletree Hotel - Murfreesboro, TN
Date: Saturday December 11
Time:  9am - 4pm

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  1. Gina! How beautiful! I love how you topped all of the tubes with the different 'flowers'! Nice job! Hope you do REALLY well at your event!


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