Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Close To My Heart = Friendships

October is a special recruiting month for Close To My Heart for several reasons.  During the month of October, all brand new consultants that sign will receive a FREE Convention bag with their new consultant kit.  I got one of these bags at convention this summer - ONLY convention attendees get these bags.  It is something that everyone can't wait to see on the opening day of General Session. Not only are these bags stylish, but they are also great for carrying everything from Idea books to everyday business essentials.

But really, is it all just about the bag?  Let me tell you, it is more than a just the bag.  In February of 2016 I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary with Close To My Heart.  Every time I think about it I'm amazed.  Am I amazed that I am still here?  No, not really.  I am amazed at how Close To My Heart has changed my life.  I really can't imagine my life without all the friendships that I have made over the past 10 years.  Not only have I made life long friends with customers, I have made lifelong friends with sister consultants all across the United States, Canada and even Australia and New Zealand! 
Spa Girls Reunion at Convention every year
We even try to get together now each year for a weekend getaway!
Recent Making Connections Event in Memphis.  I got to meet other consultants in the Tennessee and surrounding area.  I rode to Memphis with 2 CTMH sisters who live near Nashville area.  We were able to spend the car trip sharing ideas and experiences!
Recently I spent the weekend with several of my wonderful customers who are more than just 'customers 'to me - they are some of my very dearest friends!
If someone asked me to name just one thing that I liked about Close To My Heart (and believe me, there are tons of things I could name), it would have to be the FRIENDSHIPS.    Friendships are Number 1.  Some of the best times I have had during my almost 10 years has been with my customers and CTMH sisters.   I just could not imagine my life without these precious people sharing their time and talents with me.  I have been truly blessed more than I could ever have imagined. 

If you are looking for a few new friends, consider joining my StampinHeaven Angels team. You will be blessed beyond measure in that department!  And, yes, during the month of October we will throw in a special bag too!

To find out more about being a Close To My Heart consultant, check out the JOIN MY TEAM tab on this blog.

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