My Top 10 Reasons You Should be a Close To My Heart Consulant

In February 2016 I will have been a consultant with Close To My Heart for 10 years.  WOW.... I still can't believe that much time has already passed.  You know what they say.... Time flies when you are having fun!  

We have just about a week left in our October It's In the Bag Campaign.  During the month of October, you sign up to be a Close to My Heart Consultant you will get an exclusive Convention Bag for FREE along with your new consultant kit! These bags are just the coolest and they ARE exclusive because only the consultants that attended the 2015 CTMH Convention in July received this bag.  

With just a little left remaining to sign up, I thought now would be a great time to share my Top 10 Reasons that you should become a CTMH consultant!   I could probably list 20 reasons -- but I will keep it short.

#1 - The Kit!!

Oh my word!  This is the BEST KIT EVER!!  This kit will get you started right away because you will have everything you need to do your first gathering!  It contains over $445 worth of product and you get it for $129 (plus ship and tax). That alone is reason to sign up - the kit value, over 60% off if you bought the items separately! See a detailed list of each item in the consultant kit HERE

#2 - The BEST products on the market!
Close To My Heart has top notch products - papers, exclusive Cricut Cartridges - 5 cartridges with OVER 700 images each!, beautiful CLEAR stamps, coordinating ink colors and accessories!  Close To My Heart is ON TREND and they keep up with the industry demands by introducing fresh new products every 4 months!  I never need to shop anywhere else because CTMH has everything I could ever need!

#3 - The Discount!
Of course, how could this NOT be in my top 10?!  Every consultant gets a 22% discount on all products orders right off the top! For any order you place, you will instantly receive 22% off the retail total (excluding tax & s/h). For example, on a $100 retail order, you would keep your 22% discount ($22) and pay only $78 to CTMH.  

#4 - FREE Product and More Cash!
Each month you have the ability to earn additional commission and FREE product in SPC Commission!  The more you sell, the more you can earn.  Check out this earning chart to see what you can earn!

#5 Lasting Friendships
I can not have a Top Ten list without listing friendships in the top 5.  The sense of community among the Close To My Heart Consultants is incredible.  They are there for me as friends, business partners and mentors. These friendships will last a lifetime.  

#6 Flexibility
When I first signed up as a consultant for Close To My Heart I had two daughters that played softball - nearly year round.  I was worried how I would find the time to run my business.  The great thing was, I ran my business as my schedule permitted! I scheduled workshops and gatherings around my daughters busy game schedule - when it worked for me - and I was able to meet my quarterly minimums.  My oldest daughter graduated from High School so that freed up a little more time.  5 years later my youngest daughter graduated and suddenly I had A LOT of time! If I had not joined Close To My Heart before this sudden abundance of free time, I think I would have been lost with nothing to do! 

#7 FREE Resources
The amount of resources that is provided to CTMH consultants phenomenal.  Just to name a few important ones:
On-line Business Address (websites) that our customers can shop from 24/7.
Free Credit Card Processing -  we can accept Credit Cards on our websites and at gatherings!
Free Newsletter Service and there are no processing fees charged to us!
Free Training on Products and Services through videos and events.
Free Hostess Rewards - NO spending of our own commission to provide free Hostess Rewards!

#8 Early Preview to New Products and Specials
I love being among the first to know about something new coming out.  Even better, I love it when I can get my hands on new product before anyone else!  As a CTMH Consultant we get early notice of monthly specials AND we get to order new products one month before they are released to the public.  This helps me be more knowledgeable about our products when my customers ask me questions.  It also helps me to be about create art that will get my customers excited about purchasing something they may only see in a book! 

#9 Creative Inspiration
The amount of creative inspiration I get from the Close To My Heart and other consultants is never ending. My own creativity has evolved over the last 10 years.  One of the reasons I joined nearly 10 years ago was because I wanted to do more creatively. I thought it would be a good 'excuse' to do more crafting.  Now I get paid to get creative! With so much around to inspire me, it is so easy!

#10 Opportunity to Travel
This on HAS to be on my Top Ten this year!  This year for the first time, I earned an all expense paid trip to Hawaii!  They paid not only for me but my husband as well.  They even paid the airfare to get us there!  It was truly a dream vacation.  CTMH didn't stop with just getting us there, they treated us like royalty all week long with daily gifts!  I'm already working on earning the trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in 2017.  

I have to had one more reaon - CONVENTION!  Close To My Heart puts on the best convention each year.  All attendees get the opportunity to order brand new product bundles at an even deeper discount.  The amount of product and training we receive at convention is amazing. Each time I come home my brain is buzzing with ideas for future classes and workshops.  It is a great jumpstart for inspiration and business building.  Once you go the first time, you won't want to miss one every again!

Ready to sign up?  You can sign up right on my website HERE!

Have questions?  Email me at or call me at 615-347-1714.  I would love to talk to about this wonderful opportunity!


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