Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm no Cake Boss!

Last night as Jeff & I were getting into bed, he asked me "Did we leave a light on outside? It seems really bright."   I said "no - must be full moon.   Just like it was 16 years ago."   November 19, 1994 was a memorable night.   It was the first weekend of gun season for deer and my husband wanted to go hunting.   I was one week overdue with my second child and Jeff wasn't sure he should go.    I insisted he go.  I told him that if he stayed around nothing would happen.   I was getting frustrated that this baby was taking so long to decide to come.   Jeff agreed to go only if I went to stay at my mom's house.   I'll never forget as we stopped to pull out onto the highway, looking up and noticing how big and full the moon was.   Jeff looked at me and said "Are you sure?"   I told him "I sure!"   So I went to my mom's and he headed for the woods.    As the morning was about to dawn, Kayli decided it was time.   Jeff had just climbed into his tree when he got the call - You'd better come now!

Kayli Nicole came into the world full of life and raring to go.  From the first moments, I realized that Kayli was unstoppable and determined in everything she would do.   She always knows what she wants and she will do what she needs to get it.     This is a wonderful trait but can sometimes be trying for a parent.   So, this year is the BIG 16.   A big milestone that needs to be celebrated in style.  Kayli has always been very specific in what kind/type of birthday cake she wants.  (I really don't know where she got that because all I ever got to choose when I was growing up was a Chocolate, Vanilla or Yellow cake!)   Maybe it's the 'designer' in her.  She found a picture and showed it to me - "This is cake I want."   Rather than go to a bakery, I decided I would give it a try.   (She would be aghast if she knew what I planned).    When she asked if I found someone to do her  cake, I told her I had it covered.  As we are putting away the groceries, she comes across a white cake mix.
"YOU aren't making my cake are you??"  she said
"I bought that because it was on sale!" I said.
"Who is making it?  Is it a friend?" she asked.
"hmm... yeah, it's a friend" I said.
"Do they have my picture I sent to you".
"Uh yeah - they have your picture".    

So off to school she goes and I come back home and begin my quest for that 'perfect' cake.  After 3 hours I washed and put away all evidence of any cake baking & decorating going on in my kitchen today.   It's not EXACTLY like her picture but I think it is close enough and not too bad for someone that doesn't know a darn thing about cake decorating except for what I've seen on Cake Boss!
I know I probably should have written on it but couldn't bring myself to do it.   Just didn't feel right!  Maybe I'll make a little sign to stick in it.  

After my day of being Cake Boss, I think I'll stick to scrapbooking and cardmaking.   The cake will be all gone after tonight.  But the things I scrapbook or cards I make will be around to enjoy for a long time.  Here is the card that I made for Kayli's 16th birthday.

Magnifique B&T (X7127B)
Chocolate Cardstock (X5643)
Party Pennants Stampset (C1429)
Rustic Numbers Stampset (D1267)
Chocolate Ink (Z2111)
Pacifica Ink (Z2192)

Oh and BTW.... She did get her Driver's License this morning so WATCH OUT!!  


  1. Gina it is wonderful!! You did a great job!! I knew you would be able to pull it off!!

  2. The cake looks great, and the card looks even better! Did you eventually tell her that you made the cake?

  3. Thank you! Yes, I told her when I brought it out and I think she was shocked. I might have actually impressed my 16 yr old daughter!


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