Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Pack for a Retreat

Today I'll be heading to Normandy, Tennessee for a retreat with 15 other ladies at Petticoat Junction.   What better time to blog about packing!  I was going to give a few pointers and tips for packing for a retreat without feeling like you are packing up to move!   But when I finished, I STILL feel like I'm moving.  

First I began deciding what projects I was going to work on.    I wanted to complete 3 of Close To My Heart's newest Workshop on the Go kits - Fanfare, Mayberry, and Sweetheart.   I also want to make a gift set of Thank You cards.    So, I pulled out my WOTG kits, the new Creative Basics Wings Collection and a set a Colonial White Bulk cards.   I LOVE the kits because they include the stampset I will need, coordinating embellishments and Instructions!  I put the pictures I plan to use inside the kits.  That was easy!

Then I needed my inks.....   I might as well take them all! I love to share and someone might need a color so I have this really cool ink organizer from Close To My Heart.  All the ink pads and markers fit snug in the case.   The handles on top make it easy to carry.   For EASY transport I also have the Ink Organizer Carry Case.  It has a panel on the back so that I can slip it right over the handle of my tote and wheel the whole thing where I need to go.   I added the re-inker tray that fits just right on top of the ink organizer.  It holds my essentials.
So, I have my kits, my inks and markers and other essentials.  What else do I need?   OH!  I have to take my newest CTMH Idea Book along with a scrapbooking magazine or two to read.   And those energy booster favorites - Diet Coke, M&M's and Skittles.  I have just the tote for this! It the fabulous periwinkle/black CTMH Shoulder tote!
Looking good!  I've got kits, inks, ideas and energy.   Am I done?   NO!!!!   As the host consultant, I bringing all my stamps to share with the retreat gals (see the tall 5 -drawer tower), Cardstock (you never know when you might need an extra color) and of course, I've got some orders to bring along tucked into my big Convention tote from last year's convention.  Then there is my scraps, my tools, extra adhesive (enough for me and my guests).   The big rolling tote has boxes of accessories, paper trimers, punches, blocks, Gypsy and more. WOW!    That nice neat little pile of three items grew into a huge mound.  

Oh well..... I tried.    I'll let you know my new address when I get there!

Have a great weekend everyone!  When I get back I'll post some of the projects that I worked on!


  1. Uhhhh...Gina....that's EXACTLY what happens to me!!

    Question for you, do you take any of your retired stamps? I just recently pulled most of mine out...trying to simplify...LOL

  2. Very good! Ha ha. Fun reading. :) It happens in the blink of an eye. "I'm not taking much"...40 minutes, 3 pulled muscles, and a few muttered phrases later, I am loaded up like a pack mule!

  3. Ha!! i loved this!! makes me feel ormal.. I also learned something!! i had no idea our CTMH carry all thingy would slip over over rolly totes. Ive always wondered why they didnt have a shoulder strap! ha!! cant wait to try it at my crop next week!

  4. Gina - that's so funny how our bags simply multiply as we pack for crops! LOL I know mine do! :-) No matter how I try to simplify what I pack, I always end up jamming my car to the top with whatever I can fit in the car. lol Can't wait to see pics from Petticoat Junction! :)

  5. doesn't that always happen! We just went to Petticoat Junction back in January - so much fun!



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