Monday, February 21, 2011

Back from Petticoat Junction!

I just returned from my weekend retreat at Petticoat Junction on Sunday and we had a BLAST!  The weather was wonderful (no blizzard to deal with this year) and the food was delightful (as always!).    The weekend flew by so fast and it was hard to believe that it was time to pack up and get back to our busy lives.  I think I accomplished nearly everything I planned to. I completed the layouts from 4 of the WOTG kits - Sweetheart, Fanfare, Miracle and Mayberry along with cards from the kits.   I'll be sharing those in the near future.   I think the most pages completed by one of the retreaters was a whopping 52!!! WOW!!! Way to go Sue!  

This year I wanted to do something fun with the ladies so I had a little card challenge.    I provided four card patterns from Jeanette Lynton's How To books - Wishes and Originals and also Close To My Heart paper samples from the past several years.    The ladies were to choose a card pattern and create a card using the paper samples.   They had until Saturday night before dinner to make their card.   After dinner, Bonnie, our wonderful Retreat Hostess at Petticoat Junction chose three cards.   It was a hard choice and I was so glad it wasn't me choosing!   The cards were ALL beautiful.  

Here are the three card challenge winners with their winning cards:   (See all 12 cards below)
Mandy LaCroix, Leslie Kemp and Peggy Jackson
Check out all of these great cards!

If you are looking for a great retreat check out Petticoat Junction in Normandy, TN.   
-1hour from Nashville
-3 hours 20 mins. from Knoxville
-1 hour from Huntsville, AL
-2 hrs. 15 mins. from Birmingham, AL
-3 hours from Atlanta, GA
-3 hours from Louisville, KY

For more information, go to Petticoat Junction

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