Brick Wall Technique with Home of the Brave

The Friday Mashup Challenge this week was really cool and I couldn't wait to try my stamps with it! It's called the Brickwall Technique.  I knew I wouldn't get to it until later on Saturday but I mentioned it to one of my really crafty friends at lunch on Friday and told her she needed to check it out and give it a try!   She did and she texted me Friday night saying she did the brick thing and wasn't sure she was liking it!  She had all the pieces cut up and the putting it back together was a pain.  I suggested she call her daughter in to put it back together for her - sometimes kids are great at puzzles.  She sent me a pic and I really liked her finished product.  Not sure she is going to post it though.   I told her she should!

I made sure that I gave this technique a try too since I encouraged her to do it! (She might not take me up on my suggestions next time!)   Here is my finished Brickwall Technique card:

After my friend's struggles, I knew I would want to make sure that when I put my bricks together that it would be easy.  So here I what I did:

First, I stamped my image.
I used the Home of the Brave stamp set and stamped on a piece of Whisper cardstock.

I stamped the star clusters and the stripes with Ruby ink and the stars on the flag in Outdoor Denim.

Next drew lines every 1/2" horizontally on the card.  I marked off the bricks to measure 1/2" x 3/4".  The small bricks on the end are 1/2" x 1/2".

Once all the bricks were marked off, I numbered them so that I could easily and quickly put them back together.

Here are the bricks cut apart and ready to be put together!

I used Whisper Ink to sponge the edges of each brick to give each one a defined look.

I pulled some Dakota paper (X7157B) from my stash for my card and added Pewter Durables Square Studs (Z1705) for a simple accent.

I really like this technique and see that it could be a fun thing to try with many different types of images!   Be sure to check out the other cards on Friday Mashup!

The Home of the Brave Stamp is one of three EXCLUSIVE stamps that are available only during June and July.  $5 from the purchase of this stamp will be donated to the USO.  You can find out more information on these Patriotic stamps HERE.


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