Friday, June 13, 2014

Time to say Goodbye

Summertime is an exciting time for Close To My Heart consultants.... in just a little more than a week our Annual Convention will be taking place at the wonderful Disneyland Resort.  I'll there and I just can't wait!  The new Fall Winter Idea Book - newly renamed to Annual Inspirations will be released.   It is going to be bigger and better than ever with an additional 48 pages!  This new book will be good for an entire year!  We will have two special Seasonal Inspirations that will be released in December and April.  The new products in these books will be available for only 4 months.

With many new products waiting to be released in August, this always means it is time to let some things go.   Consultants and die hard CTMH customers get excited with the anticipation of things to come but at the same time it is with mixed emotions.  This year we will be saying goodbye to 5 colors - Blush, Buttercup, Sky, Twilight and Creme Brulee. A couple of these I have grown very fond of!  They have become a very special part of my color family over the last several years.   So here I offer a bitter-sweet farewell.

Blush oh so pretty Blush.  You were one of the first to greet me when I found CTMH back in 2006. You held your own over the years.  Most recently you brought out the best in Ivy Lane and helped Lucy shine back in 2012.

I remember when Creme Brulee came onto the scene!  She was alot of fun making herself right at home playing Footloose with Lucy in Aspen.  You've been fun but I guess it's time to move on.

The still fairly new Sky was such a happy color that was sure to bring memories of beautiful days to anything I created.  Introduced to us just recently in 2010, he barely had time to mature in these last four years.  Now I guess he will just fly away on that last Balloon Ride to the sky.

Then there is Buttercup.  She's been around from the beginning and I used her a few times at first but then I seemed to forget about her and left her sitting on my ink shelf.  Recently though, I rediscovered Buttercup when I needed her help with some Babycakes and we begin to spend alot of time get to know each other again. Ahhh,.... farewell Buttercup.  I'll miss you too!

Twilight was one of my first loves.  You are who I will miss the most.  He always provided just the right amount of hue in my blue. Twilight and Cocoa were the best of friends in my craftroom.  They got along so beautifully.  Especially when they came together for Florentine.  Twilight really shined most recently in Timberline making a big impact in the world of outdoors.  Cocoa and I will both have tears in our eyes as we say goodbye.

It's sad.... but I know that there a 5 brand new colors waiting behind the curtain to be revealed on June 26.   It will be like conventions past, they'll come out, there will be oohs and aahs and squeals of joy.
We will embrace them into our color palette world and introduce them to our other color friends where some will probably become very close.  Don't worry Cocoa, I know there will be a new color just right for you!

If you have a hard time saying goodbye and still have many paper packs that have these colors in them, make sure to stock up on cardstock and get the matching re-inkers.  You can re-ink your pads and they will be good for many years to come!   You can get the Whimsy Cardstock Combo pack (X5936) that has 4 each of these 5 retiring colors in addition to the continuing colors of Crystal Blue, Juniper, Sweet Leaf, Sorbet and Smoothie for $14.50.

Don't wait too long!!  
Although Close To My Heart does their best to stock these products to the end of the Idea Book cycle, effective immediately they are now only available While Supplies Last.
To see and shop the complete inventory of Retiring Items visit to my website HERE.


  1. Love your farewell!! So creative :) Can't wait to see you soon!!!

  2. Love this ... Creme Brûlée was in my consultant kit. For some reason Blush is always the perfect pink for me. It's soft. I might have to take some time with my colors and say a special good bye too while they get moved to the back of the pack. Can't wait to see what's next. AND I really hope to meet you at my first ever convention.

    1. Hi Shelly! You will LOVE convention!! We will have to meet up!

  3. I've never gotten over the loss of Cherub Pink. Blush couldn't steal my heart because the little cherub would not let go...much the same way I'm afraid Buttercup will never let go. Oh, so sad. So very sad. But then again, I wonder what's coming next?


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