August Girl's Night Out - Card Buffet

Last night I held my first Card Buffet for my August Girl's Night Out Event.  Over the last two months I have been creating and prepping cards for the event.   I created 16 different cards with a variety of themes - Birthday, Thank you, friendship, Sympathy, baby cards and even a wedding card!

Everyone had 2 1/2 hours to create as many cards as they could.  I decided to not serve cake or refreshments that required a break from card making and instead filled up buckets of candy for each table.   I knew no one would want to take a break and the sugar would give them some extra burst of card energy.   I could feel the electricity in the air and the tension as these very determined ladies had one goal in mind  - create all the cards they could!

The average number of cards completed was about 5-6 with a few ladies getting 7-8 card completed. I'm already planning my next buffet for early January bringing back these sixteen cards - there are still plenty left to be created and I'll add at least 8 new cards to bunch giving them even more choices.

Here are some snippets of my event -

Each card had it's own bucket with everything it needed.  The Card Sample had brief instructions on the back.  When they picked up their bucket they retrieved the ink colors needed from my ink and block area.

As they came in, they checked in with me and received a 'Menu' for the night -

Inside the Menu was a list of 'flavors' and all the Buffet rules and Etiquette - to keep everyone nice.

Here is a close up of my 'menu board'.  This is Close To My Heart's new Designed D├ęcor Red Magnetic Chalkboard (Z2006).   I'm loving this board!  I'll be using it again for my Jewelry Buffet at my Open House!

More snippets of cards:

 If you missed the buffet, I'll be hosting another one in January!  You can join my StampinHeaven FB Group to stay up to date on ALL of my events!  Join HERE:  StampinHeaven Facebook Group

Next up on my events is my Annual Inspirations Open House - NEXT SATURDAY - September 6 from 9am to 1pm.   Stop by anytime to see lots of new products and sign up for my upcoming events - September through November!     I'll have doors prizes and Sales Cash & Carry items!

2722 Lascassas Pike - Gateway Mechanical Office - Murfreesboro, TN  

Hope to see you there!


  1. what a great idea. I especially like that you used your retired items . everyone wants the new but we need to use up the old first if possible. and this does that very nicely. I hope you don't mind if i copy this idea for my fall workshop in Canada.

  2. Thank you Deb! Credit needs to go to Barbara Otten! She shared this idea a while back. It just took me a while to get around to doing it!! You will have to let me know how yours goes!

  3. I've sent you an email, Gina, but wanted to also say here how much I LOVE the menu you created for your Card Buffet! I also like your eloquently written rules. Thank you for posting your menu along with the cards.

  4. You amaze me dear friend!! A perfect idea!!! Thanks for the brainstorm & all of the details you listed!! I'm not sure if/when I'll get around to it - but my customers would LOVE something like this!! Maybe once we are completed homeschooling :) Thanks for sharing!!


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