Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Tribute - Studio J

My last and final layout of the Studio J 5-pack that I have been working on is a tribute to my late Father-In-Law.   I created the layout before I knew what pictures I was going to use.  I really liked the colors and look of this layout.   The more I worked on the layout the more it reminded me of my Father-In-Law.  He LOVED to hunt and fish.  So I decided to make this layout a tribute to him!

The technique that I learned creating this layout is using ribbon tabs to make a pleated ribbon.  I placed a ribbon tab on the right page and rotated it 90 degrees.  Then I copied and pasted the tabs all across the page.  I love how the stitching makes it look like I sewed the pleated ribbon in place!

The text box on the right page has a stickease tag in it.  I rotated and enlarged the tag and cropped one end.  Next, I added another journaling box on top of the tag so that I could journal right onto the tag.   The strip across the star on the right page is actually a My Stickease Border.  It had words across the border.  I cropped the border down to the phrase that I wanted to keep - "Full of Life" and placed it across my star.

Working on my 5-pack layouts has been fun and I learned several new things! The things you can do in Studio J is endless!  I'd love to have a Studio J class for anyone that is interested locally!  If you are interested, let me know and I'll find us a time and place!

Want to know more about Studio J?   Visit my website HERE.

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